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Pink shirt flash mob in Nelson

Rosemont Elementary converged on the steps of Nelson city hall on Wednesday afternoon for an anti-bullying flash mob.
Rosemont Elementary School threw an epic anti-bullying flash mob in front of city hall on Wednesday

Hundreds of Rosemont Elementary students performed a choreographed anti-bullying flash mob in front of city hall on Wednesday, busting their best moves as their parents filmed on cell phones and stood pink-clad in solidarity. Teacher Karin Palinka led the way in bright pink running shoes.

"I was really nervous because there were so many people," said Grade 5 student Abby Sparrow, who was in the front row of the enthusiastic rabble. Sparrow said she's experienced bullying personally in her life, and she has strong feelings about it.

"It's mean and if you do it, you should apologize to that person," she said.

Sparrow asserted that her entire school was committed to creating an inclusive environment in which no one is picked on or victimized.

"Our whole school wants that."

The demonstration was part of the annual Pink Shirt Day on February 25.