Busy few days for Nelson police.

Busy few days for Nelson police.

Routine arrest leads to more

An arrest for driving while under the influence resulted in drug charges.

An arrest for driving while under the influence resulted in leads to the area drug trade.

Nelson Police Department officers came across a suspicious male in the downtown core late at night earlier this week. The officers attempted to engage the man in conversation when he drove off, briefly evading police.

The man, a passenger and his vehicle were located hiding nearby and after a brief investigation, he was issued a 24-hour driving suspension for driving under the influence of alcohol and his vehicle was impounded for 24-hours.

Further investigation revealed inside his vehicle, the man had a large quantity of money.

The man told the officers the reason he had no bank account as his bank card had been missing since he was a child.

Police believe the male and his companion are involved with the area’s drug trade.


Police assisted with a burn victim earlier this week when a man had walked 30 minutes back to Nelson after burning his hands in a rural camp.

According to the man, early that morning he was attempting to warm his hands by burning Methyl Hydrate fuel in a bowl.

When he lit the fuel, the fire quickly got out of control causing his camp to catch on fire.

The man suffered serious burns to his hands and feet requiring medical attention.

He was treated at the scene by Nelson Fire and Rescue Service and transported to Kootenay Lake Hospital by police.


An investigation was launched this week by the Nelson Police Department after reports that an antique Colt 1883 pump action riffle was stolen.

The octagon shaped barrel gun is quite rare and valuable.

Nelson police are requesting anyone with information about the missing firearm call 250-354-3919 or call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS).