Organizers Faye Peterson (left) and Emma LeCouffe at the J.V. Humphries STEAM fair. Photo: Submitted

Organizers Faye Peterson (left) and Emma LeCouffe at the J.V. Humphries STEAM fair. Photo: Submitted

Science and collaboration at the J.V. Humphries STEAM fair

The fair was created and organized by students Emma LeCouffe and Faye Peterson

Submitted by School District 8

J.V.Humphries Elementary-Secondary School in Kaslo hosted its first ever school-wide STEAM fair (science, technology, engineering, art and math) on May 20. It was a student-organized, full day, school-wide event, and it went on without a hitch.

Thanks to leadership students Emma LeCouffe and Faye Peterson, who initially brought forward the idea last fall, they set out to host a COVID-safe event that the entire school could participate in.

Many months and plenty of details later, both Emma and Faye can say their hard work was worth all the effort.

“Organizing the STEAM Fair was an amazing experience from start to finish,” said Emma. “I’m so happy with how the day went, and especially loved seeing how excited the students and staff were at the fair.”

Classes circulated through the gymnasium all morning, where poster boards and project stations were on display. In the afternoon, primary and intermediate classes engaged in classroom STEAM activities for prizes, while the high school students attended their choice of STEAM workshops.

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While many students were impressed with the activities, the staff and administration was astounded by the learning that took place. One Grade 2 student said, “I thought I wanted to be a mom when I grow up, but now I want to be a mom and an engineer!”

“The student projects were truly fantastic,” said principal Victoria McAllister. “We saw a takeaway container made with mycelium, the mould made with a 3D printer, and I flew down the hallway on a hoverboard and now understand how to make one for myself.”

Congratulations to the following prize winners for their innovative projects:

High school prize winners

• Student Choice Winner: Cyphus Board (Hovercraft) by Zack, Kepler and Brett in Physics 12

• Science: The Placebo Effect by Mary and Daisy in Grade 8

• Technology: The Power of Mycelium by Kenya in Grade 12

• Engineering: Magnetic Train by Betty Lukacs, Brianna Scott, (Emma LeCouffe and Kenya Blouin worked on the project but didn’t present) in Physics 12

• Art: The Mechanisms of a Camera by Colton, Johnny and John in Grade 8

• Math: Fractal Geometry and Art by the Math 9 class

• Overall Winner: Cyphus Board (Hovercraft) by Zack, Kepler and Brett in Physics 12

Intermediate Prize Winners

• Best Rube Goldberg Machine: Kavi, Kachis and Lavina in Grade 4/5

• 1st place GeoPet: Ostrich by Seb in Grade 6/7

• 2nd place GeoPet: Snake by Tiernan in Grade 6/7

• 3rd place GeoPet: Pug by Neven in Grade 6/7

The successful event provided many great learning opportunities around STEAM subjects for the entire school population, and taught Emma and Faye some valuable lessons about event planning.

“This whole process taught me a lot about how important communication is in both our partnership and also with all the various people that we involved in various ways,” said Faye. “I am very thankful for this experience and getting to do it with my awesome partner Emma!”

McAllister added, “To have a day during COVID restrictions that could include everyone, deepen thinking about STEAM subjects, and be so joyful, was a true gift.”