Thieves snuck into Slocan’s municipal campground early Sunday

Thieves snuck into Slocan’s municipal campground early Sunday

Slocan campers robbed

Thieves stole various camping equipment from Springer Creek RV Park and Campground in the middle of the night.

RCMP have no suspects in a rash of thefts from campers at the Springer Creek RV Park and Campground in Slocan.

Seven campsites were robbed over the weekend.

Campground operator Helma Rainey said one family lost hundreds of dollars worth of belongings. Items stolen include five coolers full of food and alcohol, numerous chairs including two gravity chairs, a purple fold-up table, cell phone, blue tooth speaker and a wallet.

Rainey said one camper was awakened at 2:30 a.m. Sunday by a flashlight in the campground.  The camper heard a male voice say “Let’s go,” before the person hopped in a car and drove away.

Rainey thinks there was more than one vehicle involved.

“You couldn’t take all that in one small car,” she said. “In my opinion there had to be a group of them, like a bunch of clowns in a car that spread out. They didn’t linger around.”

Rainey suspects the culprits took the items to have a party.

“I just can’t believe how bold they were,”  she said. “It would be good if they were caught.”

Rainey said three sites affected by the theft were occupied by people from out of the area and the rest by people from Nelson and Castlegar.

She hopes the thieves will return the items by leaving them at the campground, no questions asked.

“Owners would be happy to get their coolers and chairs back, especially the cell phone,” she said.

The 24-site municipal campground has had petty thefts in the past. Two years ago thieves took the contents from a number of coolers and the office was broken into as well.