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Union workers at Teck Trail vote 99% in favour of strike

The five-year Local 480 and Local 9705 contract with Teck expired June 1, 2022.
View of Teck Trail from downtown Trail. Photo: Times file

Citing a 99.4 per cent vote in favour of strike, United Steelworkers Local 480 and Local 9705 at Teck Trail Operations are preparing to enter into mediation with the company.

With the parties at an impasse, two meetings for union workers were held in Trail last week wherein the bargaining committee advised the membership that a strike vote would be held at the Local 480 hall on Thursday, June 16 and Friday, June 17.

Via Facebook, the seven-person bargaining committee has revealed the results of 1,080 votes cast by members: 1,074 votes were in favour of strike, leaving only six ‘No’s.’

“This is an even higher turnout than in 2017, making this an extremely strong strike mandate,” the committee stated. “It clearly shows that you have given this committee your confidence and it will send a clear message to the mediator and the company going forward.”

The next step is to enter into mediated talks.

The committee said it has secured two days, June 26 and June 27, to meet with mediator Vince Ready. (not binding to mediation)

“After both the union and the company have presented our arguments to Mr. Ready we will try to reach an agreement,” the committee states. “The process may take some time and we are committed to keeping our membership updated.”

The five-year union contract expired June 1, 2022.

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