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UPDATED: Dailly topped election spending among Nelson council candidates

The six Nelson city council candidates who spent the most money were the same ones who were elected last fall.
Michael Dailly

The six Nelson city council candidates who spent the most money were the same ones who were elected last fall, according to financial disclosures published today by Elections BC.

Michael Dailly topped all candidates in spending at $3,996 and finished second overall in ballots cast. The totals include cash contributions as well as in-kind donations of materials and labour.

Janice Morrison spent the second most, $3,767 and finished sixth. Bob Adams spent $3,219 and finished fourth. Robin Cherbo spent $3,209 and finished third. Anna Purcell spent $2,517 and topped the polls. Valerie Warmington spent $2,127 and finished fifth.

Among the unsuccessful candidates, seventh-place candidate Justin Pelant was the biggest spender, at $1,466 followed by Jason Peil who spent $1,346 and was ninth. Jeff Shecter spent $880 and was second to last. John Paolozzi finished eighth on a $484 budget, while Brian Shields earned 798 votes and finished tenth after spending $36. Charles Jeanes, who has never spent money on any of his election campaigns, finished last.

"Name recognition is the point of spending money on a campaign," Jeanes said. "Money buys publicity, plain and simple. Posters, mailbox brochures, and newspaper and radio ads, all make an impact. I did none of that this time."

Candidates are required to disclose the amount they raise and spend on their campaigns within 90 days of the election. Individual donations of $100 or more must also be listed.

The full documents are below. For the first time, Elections BC has posted online all of the financial information from the 2014 local government elections.

(CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story contained incorrect figures for Michael Dailly, Jeff Shecter, and Bob Adams.)

Bob Adams

Robin Cherbo

Michael Dailly

Charles Jeanes

Janice Morrison

John Paolozzi

Jason Peil

Justin Pellant

Anna Purcell

Jeff Shecter

Brian Shields