Lenora Trenaman

Lenora Trenaman

UPDATED: Kootenay Lake school district: Trenaman re-elected

School District 8: Lenora Trenaman will be back as the North Shore and East Shore trustee.

Incumbent Lenora Trenaman will be back on the Kootenay Lake school board as the trustee for the North Shore and East Shore of Kootenay Lake.

She defeated newcomer Reanne Gow 823 to 447 on Saturday.

Trenaman said she felt “honoured and truly privileged” to be re-elected, and said Gow did her, the district, and the education system a “grand service” by running for office.

“I applaud Ms. Gow and all the other trustee candidates,” she said. “Campaigning is hard work. It takes a lot of attention, energy and time, not to mention the significant emotional and financial expenditures. Thank you for caring enough to put your name and voices forward in the effort of advocating for public education.”

Trenaman said, however, that she fears education is not receiving the attention it deserves and that there is “something fundamentally wrong with our society’s focus and perspective. If we don’t provide our children with a high quality education as our first priority, what do you think your municipality will look like in the future?”

Turnout was 28.5 per cent.