The Nelson Police Department’s 83rd police constable Christopher Mark Duncan was sworn in by provincial court judge Donald L. Sperry on March 5.

The Nelson Police Department’s 83rd police constable Christopher Mark Duncan was sworn in by provincial court judge Donald L. Sperry on March 5.

UPDATED: Nelson police swear in new constable

Chris Duncan became constable No. 83 at a swearing in ceremony Thursday.

The Nelson Police Department’s newest constable was sworn in Thursday.

Chris Duncan comes to the Kootenays after having served eight years with the British Columbia South Coast Transit Authority Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Duncan’s experience consists of stints in general duty and the major crimes sex offence unit.

Working foot patrol on Vancouver’s Eastside and then in Surrey, a large part of his job was talking to people in troubled areas, “people who make their living roadside,” he said. One thing he liked about the job was encouraging himself to be somebody they would like, find out what makes them happy and find out what it is that they needed.

He said the most memorable times in his career, thus far, have been the ability to provide support after or in the midst of trauma, like the loss of a loved one.

“It’s a chance to put your best foot forward,” he said, “staying there with an individual or family after a traumatic experience and linking them with services.” He explained working previously as a city firefighter he would wonder what had happened to the people involved, but rarely found out.

He has also served as a school liaison and police liaison with the Canadian Border Services.

He also trained with the Okanagan Emergency Response Team in his capacity as a police dog trainer, and has worked at enforcing federal legislation as a member of the RCMP’s Border Integrity program.

Duncan is fully qualified helicopter pilot and has experience as a firefighter with both Vancouver and London, Ontario fire departments, as well as the Greater Vancouver heli-attack fire crew.

Duncan’s wife Rebecca will be making the move with him. They are in the process of purchasing a property in Blewett where they hope to continue their idyllic lifestyle as owners of a hobby farm. Growing up with family living in Creston on a cattle ranch, they both spent a lot of time in the Kootenays.

Duncan’s first request when he became an officer was to be posted in the Kootenays but he was assigned to Penticton and then the bigger cities in the the Lower Mainland.

“For us coming here was sort of a lifelong dream,” he said.

Duncan enjoys running, fitness, kayaking, restoring vehicles and rebuilding and racing motorcycles.

“The City of Nelson, the Nelson Police Board and the men and women of the Nelson Police Department are proud to welcome this highly qualified and experienced police officer to the family,” reads a press release.

Duncan will be filling the void created by the retirement of Sgt. Janet Scott-Pryke on February 28.