Greg Nesteroff, a beautiful man, joins Tyler for this week’s roundup.

VIDEO: Wednesday Roundup

Tyler Harper and Greg Nesteroff chat about Nelson’s newsiest news

We’ve got real star power on this week’s roundup!

OG Greg Nesteroff returns to fill in for Bill Metcalfe, who is spending the week sunbathing, probably.

Greg has the story on the former Pacific Insight building being put on the market, as well as news about the death of a man who was interned in Slocan Valley during the Second World War and later set out to sail around the world.

Tyler sees Greg’s reporting and raises him tomorrow’s Supreme Court of Canada decision on the City of Nelson vs. Taryn Marchi, which has been circulating through courts since Marchi was injured walking through a snowbank in January 2015.

We also end the roundup with Tyler’s story on a massive stack of thank you cards sent to staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital. 2021: Not always the worst!