The Kootenay Lake Vintage Car Club's annual show Saturday promises plenty of rubber and reminiscing.

The Kootenay Lake Vintage Car Club's annual show Saturday promises plenty of rubber and reminiscing.

Vintage cars rumble onto Baker

The Kootenay Lake Vintage Car Club holds its annual show and shine Saturday.

When Linda and Ed Galloway came to Nelson to look at property in 2003, it happened to be the weekend of the Kootenay Lake Vintage Car Club’s annual show and shine.

Knowing they would be moving here, they got the president’s business card and joined the club soon after relocating to the North Shore.

Now on the executive, Linda helps organize the show, which is in its 21st year and is the club’s main event.

“It’s fun. We like to show the cars off and get the public interested in them,” she says.

Up to 50 vehicles are expected from around the region Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the east end ofBaker Street. There’s also a silent auction, balloon dart toss, and barbecue.

The theme is “Cruisin’ the ‘50s,” so expect early rock ‘n’ roll and doo-wop tunes blaring down Baker, although the cars themselves span a much wider era.

For example, the Galloways own a 1927 Model T they bought at auction while living in the Lower Mainland. It came from the estate of Cap Hobbis, of the Cap’s Bicycles chain, who amassed a fleet of vintage cars.

“There were three buildings full of stuff and we just went to look,” Linda says. “He had 23 cars. We weren’t there to buy a car — we were looking at an old gas heater.”

However, a dealer outbid them, and the auction moved on to the cars. The Model T was first on the block.

“Everyone was confused. Nobody knew which car was up, except us. Ed looked at me and I said ‘Go ahead.’ We got it for a good price.”

The two-door sedan is a survivor, she says. It has never been restored.

To get into the back seat, you have to flip the passenger seat forward.

“There is a 100-pound gunnysack over the back of that seat that has been stitched on. The fabric must have worn out, and that’s what they used to fix it. It’s a fun little car.”

Unfortunately, it won’t be there this weekend — despite helping organize the event, Linda and her husband will be out of town — but even older vehicles may be on hand.

“One of our members has a 1905 Orient, which is really interesting, because so much of it is wood. It looks like a little buggy,” she says.

The club has just under 40 members, from Nelson, Kaslo, and the North Shore, plus Salmo, the Slocan Valley, Creston, and Montrose.

Other car clubs will also bring their prize automobiles this Saturday.

“You just never know what’s going to turn up, because a lot of our members have more than one car,” Galloway says.

The cars are expected to form a cavalcade around 4 p.m., but that’s weather dependent. The show used to be held in April, but was moved closer to summer after it snowed one year.

“My little car had four inches of snow on its roof,” Galloway laughs.

For more info, call Ken Williamson at 250-352-4650.