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Wooden canopy removed at old Redfish Grill site

The Baker Street building in Nelson was the site of a fire in July of 2010. Since then, little has been done to the site.
Construction crews were working on the site of the old Redfish Grill on Baker Street on Friday afternoon.

Construction crews were on Baker Street Friday afternoon working on the former location of the Redfish Grill, a building that was involved in a fire in July 2010.

The building has sat vacant since the incident.

Workers were kept busy dismantling a large wooden canopy that was in front of the structure.

At the end of October, the City of Nelson, working with the owners, allowed crews to put a new roof on the structure and clear out much of the debris

Before that, in July 2012, the wooden canopy was erected above the lower storey after debris fell from the building.

“After they had the fire, the building started having mortar fall of the building and we [the city] required them to protect the sidewalk. And they put that canopy up,” explained Kevin Cormack, Nelson city manager.

However, the recent construction of the new roof and windows has helped stabilize the old building and the decision was made to remove the wooden structure.

“So we’re hopeful that its a step forward to putting that building back into use,” added Cormack.

He said the city has not heard, at this stage, what the owners of the property want to do next. The key issue was to make the building safe.

“It’s up to the private owner to choose what to do with the building after that.”

The fact that the owners have invested money in a new roof and windows is a positive sign, said Cormack.

Originally constructed in 1921, the building always had a restaurant on the ground floor.

Following the fire, the brick facade of the upper storey remained standing, but without a roof.

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