Rosalie Loretta Johnson

Nov 30, -0001 – Oct 24, 2017
The History of Rose

Rosalie Loretta Johnson

1937 to 2017

Rose/Mom/Granny was a girl of the mountains, born in Nakusp BC in 1937, and living most of her life in Nelson BC – what a grand geography to have experienced. Her youth was unsettled but she established some roots in Sheep Creek, near Salmo, with her Mom, Millie, and her older sister Betty.

In the early 50s a brash young surveyor by the name of Ray Johnson showed up in town and won her heart, and she went from Rose Picard to Rose Johnson in 1954.

A modest house in the Fairview neighbourhood became the early home for her, Ray and the growing family that included, Kathy, Ken, Kim and Kevin – the four KRJ’s. A big move came in 1966 to the “big” house in Rosemont, that was her home for more than 50 years.

Rose’s skill set acquired with a family of six included: chef, housekeeper, bookkeeper, baker, seamstress, quilter, gardener, teacher, landscaper, caterer, taxi driver, counsellor, plumber, first aider, roofer and general “handywoman”, in addition to being the outstanding wife of a surveyor.

Her most visible outdoor achievement was the transformation of the boulder strewn lot in Rosemont to an award winning, grand estate of greenery, highlighted with her Japanese and vegetable gardens.

Her most visible indoor achievement was her dozens of quilts that have become cherished belongings to her children, grandchildren and extended family.

For her kids growing up in the hills on the edge of Nelson, with Rose as their mom, there could not have been a more wonderful way to spend their youth. Rose’s baking established her as a cookie connoisseur with a reputation around Nelson, and beyond, for her outstanding giant chocolate chip cookies. This baking legacy, along with her bread, lives on with skills passed on to her children.

As the children grow and established their own families, Rose / Mom became the “World’s Greatest Granny” to her 12 grandchildren. The highlight for many years was gathering at the “big” house in Nelson with Granny and Grampy for Christmas and feasting on the banquet she prepared.

Many of her grandchildren lived close by and they enjoyed time with her and her generosity over the past 35 years. Distance did not seem to matter and for those grandchildren far away, Rose was the cherished Granny they visited in Nelson. Rose established a regular travel plan to Hawaii over the past 30 years that she began with her Mom and sister and continued independently when they could no longer travel with her.

Rose was a kind and generous soul with her family, and with whomever she met over her 80 years of life. To say that she will be missed is a grand understatement and through the memories and countless personal legacies she will remain forever fresh in our minds.

Rose’s family may be contacted by email at

“Granny is not gone – she is still in our hearts” by 6 year old great-granddaughter Eira.

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