A greener alternative for Granite Pointe

In our region we have lots of golf courses and ski hills but not one trials park. Today’s new technology gives us electric trials bikes (zero emissions and zero noise). The venue at Granite Pointe is perfect for this amazing and growing sport at all levels of ability and for all ages. 

These electric bikes, which are full-competition machines manufactured by Gas Gas for example, could be rented out, creating income. The course could be changed to accommodate this sport with little investment and minimal environmental damage during operation.

If condos are built on the golf course, it will prevent any other recreational activity in the park. It seems unfair in our community to build houses or condos in our park space just because this golf course’s revenue has been diluted due to the multitude of golf courses in our area. 

 Motorcycling and biking are very popular in the area and visitors come from all over to ride here. A website could be created to sell this unique heritage venue to the world. People would want to come to Nelson because of this park. The trials park itself could host the Nelson Trials Club. This would attract top level riders since we can build the most challenging courses in the world. DVD sales of such events are also lucrative, selling not only trials riding in the area but the city itself.

Event sponsorship would come from energy drinks sold in the restaurant. If we were able to attract a round of the North American or World championships, it would be an incredible money spinner producing jobs in our community and business in our shops. 

Children are a big part of trials riding since parents wish them to learn bike control and safety. Training and lessons can generate jobs and income too.

Just thinking outside the box before we continue with pursuing yesterday’s investment — more condos. The recreational opportunities at this historic venue have far greater monetary value than any housing development.

Granite Pointe was one of the first golf courses in the area and it could be the first trials park taking advantage of this new green technology and thus creating a dividend for shareholders.

Martin Adams, Rosemont