A solid mix of hugs and slugs this week

To the little girl who found our baseball as it was rolling down Davies Street on Sunday evening.

SLUGS. It would be special if those who leave their garbage and bags of doggie do at the bottom of the Pulpit Rock trail on Johnston Road, would show the residents and the rest of the responsible public the courtesy of disposing of it properly! Hugs to the ones that do.


HUGS. To the little girl who found our baseball as it was rolling down Davies Street on Sunday evening. Thanks for stopping it before it hit the highway and for coming back up the hill to return it to us. Very sweet.


Hugs. To the lady on the street last week who told me how nice I looked. You had impeccable timing that day!


Slugs. To the lady who did not look down Latimer Street as she came up Josephine Street, I was gesturing to you to continue through when you threw up your hands at me!


HUGS. They spun through town bringing fun and collecting food. Big hugs to the carnival for supporting barrier-free access to healthy food.


SLUGS. As I was walking up Stanley Street from Baker I witnessed a woman driving a newer model black truck the size of a locomotive going in the same direction at breakneck speed. Had you not been going at the speed of light through a school zone no less, I would have taken your licence number, reported you and seen you in court. Your actions were completely unacceptable and I am afraid to say it, but you are a disgrace. Slow down or leave town whichever comes first.


Slugs. To all the bad drivers in Nelson. Stop sign means stop! Stop. Crosswalks you must stop. Use your signal lights. If you see a car driving towards you and you are at a stop sign you must wait until the car passes. Not pull out in front of the car to cause the car to brake because you cut them off. This happens every day here. Drive with consideration and care.


Hugs. In honour of Volunteer Appreciation Week I want to send giant hugs to all the fabulous volunteers who donate their valuable time at the Capitol Theatre. You are greatly appreciated!


HUGS. Dear I-Ching Fairy, we love you too and send three big hugs right back.  We love you all and that’s why we do what we do. Thank you so much, it’s wonderful and makes our day when we hear that our work is helpful.


SLUGS. To the man who cleaned my aging mother’s eavestroughs for $150 when it clearly didn’t need it. No trees, newer house, nothing to block the eaves… yet you took advantage. It’s called Karma and you should get ready for some of it in a bad way.


SLUGS. To all those that keep dumping their garbage off at S.H.A.R.E Nelson after hours. We are a non-profit organization that welcomes donations so we can help people in our community through Our Daily Bread. However, when we receive unsalable items, money that could help people, has to go to pay dump fees. Please do not drop off broken, soiled, unusable items after hours on our loading dock. Please bring your donations during store hours so we can determine its value together, or call us for a free pick up.


HUGS. To the citizens of Nelson and surrounding area for tremendous support and bringing in all your saleable donations. We could not help Our Daily Bread without you.


Hugs. To the folks that come out for trash to treasure day. It’s a great community event. Unfortunately my bike was mistaken for “trash” and was picked up at the corner of Third and Elwyn on Saturday. It’s a red Specialized Rockhopper that I do treasure. Would appreciate having it returned to 324 Fourth Street or call 250-509-0942. Thanks!

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