Archdekin provides much inspiration

I was stunned to read that Mr. Steve Archdekin was not allowed to participate in this year’s Cyswog ‘n’ Fun event.

Re: Letter to the editor “Crushed, but still determined” (August 29, 2012).

I was stunned to read that Mr. Steve Archdekin was not allowed to participate in this year’s Cyswog ‘n’ Fun event.

When I first read about him in the Star in the July 20 edition, I had to clip out the article and have kept it since as a motivational piece to remind me who true heroes are.

There I was complaining of some back pain when I read of how much he suffers from his illness and still pushes through with grit and determination to do what he loves-it keeps me moving when I would otherwise stand still. And here are the organizers of the Cyswog ‘n’ Shun, as I will now call the event forever, who have the audacity to tell this man that he can’t compete because he takes too long to complete the event. This is beyond hypocrisy and prejudice, this is a level of stupidity that I have not seen in my 17 years in Nelson.

Instead of accommodating this man and bringing him to the forefront for all to recognize and be inspired by, they have pushed him into the shadows and, as he said, made him feel “crushed” from their actions and prejudiced judgements. If the organizers think they are “moving forward” so that they can bring the event to the level of say, the Penticton or Hawaiian triathlons, they will have a mighty big fight ahead of them. There are enough of those elitist events and we don’t need another one in this town.

My advice to those in charge is to offer this man a full-page apology and beg him to participate in next year’s event as a flag bearer to inspire all the other people out there who will now have second thoughts about competing in the event or other events because they may feel they are not good enough.

Myself, I’ve been in the event twice and had lots of fun, but the fun is out of it now and unless I see some kind of apology to Mr. Archdekin, I will never enter again and will be sure to tell all my friends and anyone who is willing to listen to stay away from this, now, no-fun elitist event.

Keep moving Steve, you have a huge groundswell of support. And if they ask you back, tell them politely that the event just doesn’t meet your standards any more.

Olindo Chiocca