Beeps a flawed safety method

Oh gads! If I hear another peep of a beep....

Oh gads! If I hear another peep of a beep….

As a resident of downtown Nelson I took residence in signing a year lease… I don’t think moving is an option, nor do I feel concessions from city workers appropriate. (smirk)

I was here before the new city busses arrived making that beep three times on arrival and on multiple arrivals there is a domino of beeps… how annoying. (eyes crossed)

As for the safety factor, whoever invented this way of safety alertness has to have their heads re-examined; I would prefer an automated voice, “Please stand back” as an intelligent approach towards the peace and safety for everyone. (smilin’) Besides are we to be evolving in technology?

I am a safety oriented person and one can only question: Does the tractor/loader only beep backing up? (UGGH!) If those beeps aren’t so loud why does the heavy duty operator have to wear ear mufflers? (puzzled) When my sleep is disturbed, I agree, it becomes a safety hazard on my job. (stressed)

For peace sake, let’s adopt the audio voice and flush the beeps down the toilet and/or I don’t mind the suggestion of the 6 a.m. beep alarm clock…(BEEP BEEP BEEP!)… we are all ready to wake up then. (yawn/stretch)

In the awareness that we are all entitled to a peaceful, enjoyable living environment and yes sire, ya you, are in violation of disturbing the peace between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. I will have to be armed with my phone in case of another disturbance… camera too! Maybe even YouTube the event of a city worker disturbing the peace in a multiple of BEEPS!

Jana Harmon