Christmas inspires hugs

Our penultimate roundup of Hugs and Slugs for 2014 is (almost) entirely hugs.

HUGS: The biggest of big warm fuzzy hugs to the customer who came in on the last day we had a giving tree (where gifts get bought for kids who might not otherwise get one) and bought gift cards for all 12 of the kids left on the tree, saying he’d feel bad taking only one and leaving the rest. Your generosity has not only made an impact on 12 kids, it has touched the hearts of all who hear of your selflessness. A thousand thanks and kind blessings to you sir.

HUGS: A big hug to everyone who works in retail at this time of year. Dealing with the public can be challenging at any time, but at Christmas, when consumer insanity is at it’s peak, it can be tough to keep smiling. I say you deserve a medal for dealing with the public. Thanks.

SLUGS: To slow drivers, especially on Highway 3. While I respect that you are driving slower due to icy roads, some people take it too far. Don’t drive 50 km/h. Instead, buy some proper snow tires so traffic can keep moving. — Frustrated

HUGS: To all those who practice empathy for those who are suffering during this holiday season. Your kind words, financial assistance and your time have helped this poor soul through a particularly rough patch.

HUGS: To all those who shop locally. I was walking down Baker Street this weekend and the atmosphere was great, People were smiling and shopping and the Christmas lights were on. It really felt like Christmas time.