Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Photo: Bill Metcalfe

LETTER: Cut carbon emissions by axing military

From reader Rod Retzlaff

Reducing carbon that goes into our atmosphere seems to be an almost overwhelming problem, but there is a simple solution. While everyone else in the world is expected to do whatever is necessary to solve the problem, the world’s military is exempted from doing anything to curb their emissions.

The U.S. military, the world’s largest, emits more carbon than many, as much as 140 of the world’s industrialized nations. Many other nations also have huge militaries, though I can’t seem to find a figure for the overall carbon footprint.

So I as a Canadian am expected to pay a carbon tax for my home heating fuel, but the world’s war makers can carry on full speed ahead, no problemo. If we just get rid of the military, we would be most of the way home towards solving the climate change problem. Does Canada really need 85 new stealth fighters to sneak up on our neighbours with? Do we really need to use our workforce to produce military equipment? What is the real cost of producing those jobs?

I demand an end to war, and a complete phase-out of the military, and I register that demand by marking my ballot with a peace sign. It fits perfectly in that little circle, and looks much more positive than an X. Next time try it. You’ll like it.

Rod Retzlaff