LETTER: Death threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry

From reader Bonnie Baker

Today I heard another bit of news on CBC radio that said that there have been threats against Dr. Bonnie Henry, threats online wanting her murdered. From heroine to hatred in only a year! I’d like to remind folks about those threats to doctors and abortion clinics from protesters outside those clinics, calling the women “baby killers” and blocking their way into those clinics.

The reason I write this is because those verbal threats outside abortion clinics resulted the murder of at least three doctors, shot through the windows, supposedly because they assisted women to have legal abortions. It worked, all right. Doctors became afraid to perform abortions and women now have a harder time accessing this legal, medical service.

Now that we have all these online avenues to utter threats it’s easier for anyone, but any man out there with access to a gun or rifle, egged on by these right-wing zealots, to use that excuse to murder – it is murder – someone who they disagree with. I agree that access to guns is easier to get in the good ol’ US of A, but those legal rifles the Conservatives defend so much can be used to do the same kind of killing that any gun anywhere can do, should someone want to use it to kill. And these guys – they’re always guys – get away with it, don’t they. Now Dr. Henry has to worry about her safety. What a world we live in today.

Bonnie Baker