Helpers in the snow get plenty of hugs

Helpers in the snow get plenty of hugs

Hugs won the week over lugs, thanks to plenty of people helping out their neighbours in the snow.

SLUGS: To the person who was running their gas powered snowblower at about 4:45 a.m. on Monday morning. Seriously — the snow on your driveway couldn’t have waited for another few hours?

HUGS: To the kind woman who paid for my grocery purchase on December 3. Best wishes for 2015.

HUGS: To the two guys sitting at the large table, at a pub in Balfour, who, in the spirit of Christmas, paid for our meals on New Year’s Eve. A heartfelt thank you to you both.

HUGS: A big hug to our next door neighbor with a big snowblower and a big heart. You saw we needed help and proceeded to do most of our block on Nelson’s snow day.

HUGS: To all business and home owners who worked hard last week to remove the abundance of snow from their sidewalks and walkways! Extra big hugs to those that pitched in and helped their neighbours. You are all doing your part to make Nelson a safer place for those who need to use those sidewalks daily. One slip on an icy sidewalk and a broken bone can, for a senior, sometimes be the difference between continuing to live independently, or having to go into assisted living.

HUGS: To our neighbour who saw us pull up to our snow packed driveway Tuesday night after two weeks away, and immediately detoured his snow blower from his sidewalk to our driveway. Maybe he thought the snow removal was better than administering CPR, but regardless, your thoughtfulness is much appreciated.

SLUGS: To staff who make work life stressful and toxic. Do you really not see you are a bully? It makes some not want to work in a place they love so much.

HUGS: Huge hugs to the road crews for dealing with an insane amount of snow this past week. We watch them work every day at trying to clean this city up. We appreciate them and we applaud them.

HUGS: To the wonderful bus driver that helped the two little old ladies on Wednesday.

HUGS: To the lovely young lady who offered me help on the icy sidewalk down Stanley Street to the library/NPD building. I have chosen smarter foot wear the rest of the week. Your smile and kindness made my day.

SLUGS: To all who have not bothered to shovel their sidewalks after the most recent snowfall. Big slugs to all who shovelled their car out and piled all of that snow directly on the sidewalk rendering them completely impassable! You live in a climate that gets a lot of snow sometimes. Choosing not to shovel is lazy, arrogant, unacceptable, and against the law! If you don’t want to pick up a shovel, pick up and move.

If you have a Hug or a Slug… we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. Keep it tasteful and anonymous — no names of individuals or businesses, please. You can also drop by a written submission to our offices at 514 Hall Street.