Photo: Antonius Ferret/Pexels

Photo: Antonius Ferret/Pexels

Hugs and Slugs

Dogs, motorcycles, youth theatre, gossip, electric bikes, and more

SLUGS: To the dog owners on Upper Balfour Road who don’t contain their dogs. There is nothing worse than the terrified scream of a baby deer being chased by two dogs.

SLUGS: To the increasing amount of loud motorbikes travelling through town and the North Shore with no intervention. With the Kootenay area rated as a top 10 for motorbike rides, the amount of loud bikes is increasing. “Loud pipes save lives” doesn’t seem to be an issue for the cyclists, pedestrians, residents and dog walkers on the side of the road who seem to be safe but are severely impacted by the roar of loud bikes.

SLUGS: To the two ladies at Safeway on Sunday afternoon who decided it was too long to wait in line so pushed their buggy to the side and walked out. You left watermelon and ice cream – seriously? You don’t think you could have put the ice cream back in the freezer that was only steps away from you?

SLUGS: To the generally successful, intelligent people who gossip like fish-wives by spreading innuendo, false information and half-truths without knowing the whole story nor checking the facts, consequently damaging other people’s lives. If you want to know or to understand, ask! By spreading rumours and getting it wrong, you are victimizing the victim all over again.

HUGS: To everyone in the Newsies cast and crew, it has been a wonderful experience and I can’t wait for Thursday when the show opens to see the full performance.

HUGS: To all those pet owners who are careful to not walk/sit their dogs on hot cement. It can burn their body. Please pay attention.

SLUGS: To all the electric bike owners who do not wear helmets or appear to know the highway code when riding in town. It is the law in BC and is for your own safety.

HUGS: To all the real cyclists who do wear helmets and ride by the highway code.