Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe


Mailboxes, trails, dogs, willow branches, garden waste and more…

HUGS: To the resident on Holmberg Road across from the mailboxes who cleaned up the items that were left there and had turned to garbage. Thank you for donating your time and money to clean that area up, the neighbourhood is lucky to have you!

HUGS: To the Friends of Pulpit Rock Society and their trail builder extraordinaire who constructed a solid and safe alternate path section within a week of the recent serious rock slide.

HUGS to Black Press Media for the recent publication of Harvest, a refreshing and encouraging read about British Columbians of the same description. Looking forward to the next issue.

SLUGS to the irresponsible owner of bio-bagged pet excrement dumped at Gilroy Road postbox unit. Thus far biodegradation is non-evident. Surprised?

HUGS for a special friend on Kays Road from the children and teachers at the Nelson Waldorf School for his generosity in providing the willow branches to make our Mayfest crowns. We also want to thank you for the manure and straw bales for our gardens over the years.

SLUGS to the residents of Silver King who dump their garden waste across the street from their residences just uphill from the Selkirk College campus. In addition to it being an eyesore, it provides fuel in the event of a fire.

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