Lions Park, Nelson, New Year’s Eve, 2021. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Lions Park, Nelson, New Year’s Eve, 2021. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

HUGS AND SLUGS: Appreciation for a certain Lions Park volunteer

Readers were feeling friendly this week

HUGS: Humongous holiday hugs to the person who found my phone in the snow and brought it to the police station right away. I got it back thanks to Find My Phone and you! We’ve had some sadness in our family this holiday season, and your kind action is bringing much-needed light to us.

HUGS: To the eight-year-old who volunteered to help me shovel snow around the Lions Park skating rink. He worked willingly for nearly an hour until the job was done, then looked back in pride at what we had accomplished. A future Nelson Lion. Well done!

HUGS: To the person who found my wallet and turned it in to SOF’s lost and found. I hope you will have a very Merry Christmas and a healthy 2022. To get my wallet back with everything intact was very special.

HUGS: To the two firemen who came to my house when I reported flames in my oven, while baking. They checked it all out, and set my mind at ease! Thank you so much, you were so kind!

SLUGS: To the public works employee who used the front end loader to bury our neighbours’ access stairs under 15 feet of snow. But HUGS to the other city employee who used their off-hours to clear snow from all the driveways on the block.

HUGS: On Dec. 21, in the midst of a blowing snowstorm and late at night a Nelson Hydro crew saved the day. There was a failure on the neutral leg of our transformer and many houses lost power. Nelson Hydro got to our block within 15 minutes and worked for close to two hours swaying in a cherry-picker to get the problem solved. Thank you for keeping our lights on and our houses warm!

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