So many hugs this week! Photo: Stanley Morales/Pexels

So many hugs this week! Photo: Stanley Morales/Pexels

HUGS AND SLUGS: Big week for reader positivity

Hugs win the week 8-2

HUGS: To the wonderful young woman who stopped to help when my husband fell on the street in Nelson and cut his head. You stayed with this elderly couple until we were calm enough to continue home safely. So much appreciated from the two of us.

HUGS: To the three Christmas Angels who braved the cold and spent a good part of their day decorating our outdoor patios at Nelson Jubilee Manor. This will give us so much enjoyment and we cannot thank you enough.

SLUGS: To the people who paved the walk around the soccer fields. As many predicted, it was a sheet of ice this morning and people were walking beside the path on the snow. Waste of money. I hope no one will slip, break a bone and take Nelson to court!

HUGS: To those who remembered, Indigenous and white alike served and died to see us free to reunite with truth reconciled. You don’t forget something like that.

HUGS: To Nelson Remedy’s for truly going above and beyond to get my son his much-needed medication despite the current transportation challenges.

HUGS: To the local business owner who gave me the Cyber Monday deal when I came in on Wednesday! You make shopping local such a pleasure.

HUGS: To the Salvation Army volunteers for giving of their time for the benefit of others.

HUGS: To the road crew who keep the highway into Nelson clear of snow. But SLUGS to the road crew within Nelson, where the roads were a sheet of ice.

HUGS: To the Hume Hotel employee who walked me to my car on Monday, so I wouldn’t fall on the ice. Such a kind young man, and so appreciated.