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HUGS AND SLUGS: Bigotry in Nelson

A reader complains about racist behaviour in the city
This slug knows better than to be racist, unlike an unnamed driver in Nelson. Photo: Petr Ganaj/Pexels

SLUGS: Imagining the destruction of our old growth forests, we are scratching our heads about why our government isn’t protecting them as they said they would. Will there be just a few artifacts left of the trees and all the other organisms they support that we can visit in museums?

HUGS: To the City of Nelson and the volunteers who worked so hard to make Cottonwood Falls a beautiful spot for the Nelson markets in the summer. It’s a great place for the tourists to relax, it’s peaceful and cool with the waterfall, it’s much nicer than Baker Street.

SLUGS: To the man who ran a stop sign in his car, almost hitting my little brother on his bike and proceeded to yell “go back to Mexico” at him. Disappointed but not surprised to see this level of ignorance and bigotry in our community.

HUGS: A huge thank you to the neighbour who at his own expense hauled the old tires and rims away that were left by someone else on Wasson Street. You are very much appreciated!

HUGS: To all the folks involved in putting on another amazing Mural Fest. So fun to wander and find all the stellar art on otherwise drab grey buildings. Thanks for making Nelson even more awesome.

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