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HUGS AND SLUGS: But mostly hugs

Hugs wins the week an incredible 11-1
This bench in Salmo, painted orange as a gesture of reconciliation, gets a hug from a reader. Photo: Submitted

HUGS: To the City of Nelson for putting in lots more bicycle racks along Baker Street. Very convenient for us shoppers who like to commute by bicycle from out of town!

HUGS: To the thoughtful person who found my silver earring on Sept. 15 and turned it into the Safeway customer service desk. Thanks so much!

HUGS: Many Hugs to my neighbours in Lower Fairview who sent me flowers and a community 95th birthday card.

HUGS: To the community and Canada Post for expressing reconciliation in Salmo with he oak and orange bench rest spot.

HUGS: To whomever handed in my NDCC pass to CIBC. Sometimes good things happen in times of trouble.

SLUGS: To the power crews working on MacKinnon Road in Procter on Sept. 14. Signage on the main road would have been great indicating that MacKinnon Road. was blocked due to construction.

HUGS: To the friend I hadn’t met yet who had noticed me from his balcony walking with my sons, often carrying my one-year-old. I would often be carrying groceries too. He approached me one day and asked me if I have a wagon. I explained that I do but the handle is too short, I’m pretty tall for a woman. A few weeks later he called to me from his balcony. He had a stroller for me, a tall one. He didn’t ask me for anything in return, he said simply, “I was tired of watching you struggling.”

HUGS: To all the members, past and present, of the KLH Auxiliary for their support of our hospital and the community it serves.

Several hugs also were submitted after a patient made a significant donation of gifts to staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital:

HUGS: To the exceptionally generous patient from Kootenay Lake Hospital who surprised ALL 330-plus of the hospital staff with gift cards of thanks. All were in support of local businesses as well. We are touched by this acknowledgment of our work, some were even brought to tears.

HUGS: To all the kind folks who have generously gifted in various ways to the hospital staff. It is deeply appreciated and we are all so grateful!

HUGS: To the amazing generous couple who donated to every staff member working Sept. 21 at KLH. Your generous locally bought gifts to us not only made my day, it gave me hope and joy when these days I feel lost in the COVID-19 maze of masks, shields, and physical distancing. I am still overwhelmed with emotion. Thank you.

HUGS: To the wonderful donors who gave all the staff at KLH Hospital a gift certificate to the restaurants in Nelson. There was a wonderful buzz around the hospital, especially to those who often don’t get recognize during these times. It is a continual struggle for all staff to deal with COVID, but most staff just continue to forge ahead with no complaints. We are grateful for your kindness.

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