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HUGS AND SLUGS: Don’t leave your dog outside Oso

Also, hugs to the guy who plowed a public road near Taghum Hall
One reader appreciates the holiday lights at Blaylock Mansion. Photo: Tyler Harper

HUGS: To Blaylock Mansion, it is so nice to see this beautiful building bright on these dark winter nights. Thank you for lighting our way on our dark drive home.

SLUGS: To the person who ties their dog outside of Oso every morning. He was shivering this morning while you are inside warm. Take him for a proper walk in the morning and leave him somewhere warm while you are busy. If it’s too cold for you to sit outside, it is too cold to expect him to.

SLUGS: To the plow truck driver who consistently plows only one side of our street, leaving all the plowed snow on our side. We would appreciate if you will take it alternately on each side at least to lessen the burden of snow clearing and shovelling on us. Our street now is one way only because of too much snow on one side.

HUGS: To Bo (Beau?) with the big truck and the plow blade. I told you about the memorial service happening at Taghum Hall, and how the unplowed road down was so bad I was afraid attendees wouldn’t be able to navigate it. You volunteered your time and made that (public) road safe, and really saved the day. Big hugs from all the folks who made it up that hill.

SLUGS: To all the gas stations in the area that are maintaining inflated gas prices, even when everywhere else in the province has adjusted from what were already over-inflated prices. Shame on you.

HUGS: To the couple who found my wallet outside Shoppers’ Drug Mart, found ways to contact people that could connect them with me, and then drove my wallet to my house. Your honesty and kindness is appreciated!

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