Just look at this juicy boy. Photo: Leroy Huckett

Just look at this juicy boy. Photo: Leroy Huckett

HUGS AND SLUGS: Good dinners, bad drivers

Also a random guy shooting in the middle of the night?

HUGS: To David MacGillivray and Scholars Dinner students for treating me like royalty so that despite physical limitations, I was able to step out and enjoy a great meal.

HUGS: Big hugs to Orrick for paying our bill at the Uptown Sports Bar on Oct. 18. We were shocked when the server came up and said our bill was covered by Orrick, who was sitting in the booth next to us. Thank you!

SLUGS: To the entitled, sarcastic young male driver entering the lane at Red Ramen going the wrong way. My pointing to the Do Not Enter road sign is not a “tip,” it is a law. I hope you get a nice large ticket to help you with your humility issues!

SLUGS: To the irresponsible person who left their free stuff on my lawn. You owe my kind neighbour dump fees.

SLUGS: To the Nelson Star and its Halloween cartoon. Where did you learn your sense of humour? Even Martians would have better taste.

HUGS: To the amazing team at Nelson Ford that helped my son who was visiting us from California. His vehicle broke down. There were no parts available for weeks yet they provided him with a car to use until his vehicle was repaired. Amazing kindness!

HUGS: A big hug to the couple in the ATV on Six Mile Lakes forest road for rescuing me when I fell and broke my ankle.

SLUGS: To the person who was shooting a gun/rifle on Friday night around Eight or Nine Mile. Were you shooting bear, deer, raccoons? Was your life in danger? Or were you hunting our wildlife for food? You woke up some of us and we had trouble getting back to sleep worrying whether an injured animal would become more dangerous or whether you were shooting animals we enjoyed watching. Next time we will be calling the RCMP.