Photo: Jameel Hassan/Pexels

Photo: Jameel Hassan/Pexels

HUGS AND SLUGS: Holiday hugs, and one slug

Let’s end 2021 with some community love

HUGS: To the young man outside Walmart who noticed that my car had a flat tire and then offered to change it for me. Thank you for your generous Christmas spirit. It was bitterly cold and your help was very much appreciated.

HUGS: To the four intrepid sailors who brought some Christmas spirit to Nelson with the Christmas Sail Past.

HUGS: To Shannon Gaiger at the Nelson Liquor Store at Chahko Mika Mall. She went out of her way to order in a bottle of a specialty Czech liquor for a dinner party I am attending, even though she had to order an entire case when all I needed was one bottle. Hopefully we have some Czechs here in town who may be happy to see this on the shelf.

HUGS: To Interior Health’s Nelson Home Health team for giving excellent support, both moral and physical, to me and my loved one who chose to die at home in Harrop. Special thanks to home support workers Rayana and Robin and nurse Chelsea.

SLUGS: On Dec. 15 just after 10 p.m. A pop and an animal screams. Go hunting in an isolated area, NOT around homes. May the curse of the forest be upon you, lazy North Shore hunter.

HUGS: To the kind drivers who stopped to check us after our truck hit black ice, spun around, and slid backwards down a steep embarkment on Dec. 19, near the Apex summit on Highway 6. Thank you especially to the couple who called 911 and waited for the emergency vehicles to arrive. Thanks to the Ymir volunteer fire department, the Nelson ambulance service, and the RCMP officer for helping us. Thanks especially to the tow truck driver who pulled the truck back onto the road, declared that the vehicle was drivable, and sent us on our way. Big hugs to all!