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HUGS AND SLUGS: Hugging the sluggers at the Nelson Boxing Club

Also complaints about drivers and aggro teens in the pool
Nelson’s Porter Hansen sizes up his opponent during Fight Night 9 on Oct. 29. Photo: Tyler Harper

HUGS: To the Nelson Boxing Club for the great event this weekend. I was completely impressed with not only the boxing but how cordial everyone was with the opposing fighters and coaches. A real class act.

SLUGS: To the city for having bylaws and not enforcing them.

SLUGS:To the small group of pre-teen youth who aggressively played ball toss in the Nelson and District Community Complex pool last Saturday afternoon. Disregarding the repeated warnings from the lifeguards, this small group continued their unacceptable behaviour oblivious of the young children, toddlers and other adults around them. Shame on you.

SLUGS: To the middle age male driving an ATV up on a local trail who falsely accused me of throwing rocks at him and then blocked my vehicle preventing me from driving away. I am a wise senior who uses words not rocks to make a point. Holding someone hostage warrants a law enforcement response that you are lucky I didn’t pursue.

HUGS: To canine owners who cared enough to search, learn and adjust to the RDCK animal bylaws. Good on you! Happier pooches, happier people all around.

SLUGS:To the many drivers requiring more attention to their vehicle headlight adjustment. Not only the “one-eyed monsters,” but also replaced headlights not correctly aligned! What a disconcerting situation to oncoming traffic. Vehicle maintenance is a necessity and an operator’s responsibility.

SLUGS: To the people who drop stuff off at Third and Gordon Street. It is nice of you to be willing to share, but it is pretty inconsiderate that you do not take it home again if it hasn’t been picked up. It is a horrible mess today.

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