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HUGS AND SLUGS: Hugs are the best medicine for pharmacists

Unless they have diabetes. Then insulin is the best medicine
This week’s Hugs and Slugs includes some love for local pharmacists. Photo: Unsplash

HUGS: A very big Nelson hug and a sincere thank you to the mystery person who generously paid for our 39th wedding anniversary dinner at Pitchfork restaurant. Such a pleasant and totally unexpected surprise for us. It made for a most memorable anniversary. We will definitely be paying your kindness forward!

HUGS: To those who call/text requesting permission to tie up to our mooring pin on Kootenay Lake, but SLUGS to those who think it’s their right to tie up to any pin on the lake without contacting the owner of the pin.

HUGS: Big hugs to Brody, Beth and their talented team of pharmacists at Safeway. You guys are the best. Many thanks.

HUGS: To the man who helped me carry my wife in Kaslo after she sprained her ankle walking down a dirty incline. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

HUGS: Huge appreciation to all the firefighters out there working extremely hard this year. Totally impressed with how fast you got the fire out in Five Mile on Aug. 6. It’s whack-a-mole out there. Hang in there!

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