Cool it on the gas when you are boating Kootenay Lake. File photo

Cool it on the gas when you are boating Kootenay Lake. File photo

HUGS AND SLUGS: Hugs to Hume Hotel, slugs to a dangerous prank

Also, some love for elementary students and a little anger toward ‘out-of-towners’

HUGS: To whoever created the perfect new trail entrance to the forest just outside the cemetery entrance. But slugs for destroying the rock circle that was so thoughtfully created. All the daycare children used this circle as well as my grandchildren who played for hours in and around the circle. There is no shortage of rocks within the Cemetery gates and you could have used those. Reconstruct please.

SLUGS: To out-of-towners who come in and offer $100,000 over asking price, unconditional, on all the houses in town. You’re pricing out people who actually work in and live in the community.

HUGS: To the enthusiastic group of young elementary students combining a school outing with collection of debris along upper Silver King Road the morning of June 8. Double hugs to the teachers for inspiring our youngest generation by guiding them on this valuable ecological lesson.

HUGS: To the wonderful FireSmart team at the Bonaventure Mobile Home Park who is taking care of neglected vegetation around the park and cleaning all dry bushes, damaged trees from lack of care, junipers and cedars that can easily ignited and burn intensely during wildfire. Thank you again for making the change and help us being safe, thank you for taking the time to learn from Fire Mitigation Experts on how to be a safer neighbourhood.

SLUGS: To our wonderful neighbour and her new dog. The dog never stops barking and it’s upset the entire neighbourhood. It was a sad sight to see an angry neighbour attempt to confront you about the dog. You called police and had the person arrested and hauled off to jail simply because you can’t control your dog and can’t handle confrontation.

HUGS: To the female leaders in Nelson who make positive changes on the life of people around them, for their hard work, commitment, honesty and wisdom.

SLUGS: To boaters who travel by waterfront properties at full speed causing unnecessary and often dangerous waves to crash up against the shore. Please think about your boat’s wake during this period of rising water levels. Thank you.

HUGS: Big thank you to Ryan Martin of the Hume Hotel and all the parents of the rookie baseball players for providing a wonderful potluck for our grand finale. Three Nelson teams, two Valley teams and a Kaslo team fought the weather and had a great windup tournament.

SLUGS: To the person or persons who on June 7 loosened all the lug nuts on one front wheel of my vehicle. Not funny.

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