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HUGS AND SLUGS: Is there a cat-napper in Nelson?

The new ferry terminals also get a slug
Quijote Harper. Not a cat anyone would want to steal, to be honest. Photo: Tyler Harper

HUGS: To the honest woman who turned in my phone to the police station. Thank you so much! I had faith that Nelson is basically honest and good!

SLUGS: To the person or persons who caused the death of a black bear and then callously dumped the once living breathing sentient being on a residential road north of town. Shame on you!

SLUGS: To the older man in a white truck parked on Vernon Street with a tuxedo cat sitting in his vehicle. The cat was identical to our old cat who mysteriously disappeared from downtown Nelson early last year. She was scratching and meowing at us through the window like she knew us. You drove away without answering our questions and we think you took our cat.

HUGS: To the lady with the beautiful sweater. When I asked for directions to a store she just got in my van and took me right to my destination. I was grateful. Thank you.

SLUGS: To the new Kootenay Lake Ferries parking lots. Balfour is double the size but you can no longer properly access the businesses on the one side (almost impossible to get gas for many vehicles), it’s very difficult for transport trucks to enter the lot or board the ferry, the bus stop destroys the view, a lot water drainage has badly eroded the beach, and the curb in lane one blocks vehicles from getting around other vehicles. And the new restrooms are in a bigger building than before with half the toilets for a parking lot that is double the size.

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