HUGS AND SLUGS: Marmot stuck in truck, bad e-bike teens

Slim pickings this week, but here’s what we got

The marmot stuck in the truck was fine, everyone relax. File photo

The marmot stuck in the truck was fine, everyone relax. File photo

HUGS: To Nelson Toyota, who didn’t hesitate to help us with a marmot that was hiding under our truck. After considerable time and effort the little critter was still in there, but we are happy to report that it escaped all by itself, later the same day. Note: The marmot wasn’t hurt at any time.

SLUGS: To the group of teenage boys on e-bikes who tried to harass me as I rode my e-bike home as a solo lady on Thursday night at 11 p.m. Parents, if your sons are out and about on bikes, maybe ask them if they are being jerks.

SLUGS: To the City of Nelson for thinking that having the Farmers Market on Wednesdays on Baker Street during business hours was a good idea. It negatively impacts commerce/business, as access is impeded during these times. I have watched vehicles driving in circles looking for parking spots. Not very environmentally friendly. What about our elderly or handicapped who need to do business during these times and can’t get anywhere near to where they need to be to conduct business? Have it at Cottonwood Park where there is better parking and won’t negatively affect Baker St. business.

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