Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Nelson, B.C. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

HUGS AND SLUGS: Patience pays off in kindness

Also, a chicken ornament

HUGS: Many wrap around hugs to people who use drugs. You have been on the front lines of the toxic drug crisis since day one, preventing more overdose deaths than anyone with the least amount of support for all of these years. The collective trauma is massive. I see you and appreciate you.

HUGS: To the all of the students from all of the programs at Selkirk College, especially from the culinary and hospitality and music programs. Your enthusiasm for learning resulted in a magical evening for all who attended the annual fundraising gala. Hugs to the staff of all departments as well for your guidance.

SLUGS: To all the speeders driving on the North Shore. Lack of self control is an ugly thing.

HUGS: To the welder at Zap Welding who repaired my chicken ornament. The ornament holds great sentimental value. Your kindness and speedy service is very much appreciated. Thank you!

HUGS: Big hugs to the young man in the Wal-Mart lineup ahead of me. He ran back as he’d forgotten light bulbs, then had to dash to his car as he’d forgotten his wallet. But what a thoughtful gesture when he handed the check-out girl a $20 bill to give me a discount off my total bill for patiently waiting. Thank you — your kindness made my day!

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