The Nelson Road Kings show, Sept. 10, 2022. Photos: Bill Metcalfe

The Nelson Road Kings show, Sept. 10, 2022. Photos: Bill Metcalfe

HUGS AND SLUGS: Road Kings, bears and candidates

Love and mud is slung at a variety of targets in this edition of Hugs and Slugs

HUGS: To the kind and Good Samaritans who took the time to stop and clean up the mess made by a vandal (slugs to you, sir) in front of Cartolina in the wee hours of the morning on Sept. 17. Please pop into the shop some time so we can thank you in person!

HUGS: To all the organizers and participants that took part in the 34th annual West Kootenay Toy Run on Sept. 11. The turnout was great for this wonderful event for a great cause.

SLUGS: A big disturbing slug to those in Nelson who do not responsibly manage their compost and garbage and a giant irresponsible slug to Nelson council and Public Works. We live in bear country and don’t have proper garbage bins and weekly garbage pick-up? These dead bears are a result of your poor waste management policy and lazy residents. Do better.

SLUGS: To the elderly man who made a U-turn at the corner of Ward and Victoria, holding up traffic in both directions, then crossing the centre line to park on the wrong side of Ward Street, nose to nose with a car already parked there.

HUGS: To all those involved in this year’s Nelson Road Kings car show. It was my first time entering and the organization, atmosphere and number of entries was incredible. Just another reason I am proud to call Nelson home!

HUGS: To all the candidates running for municipal and regional positions. Your willingness to step up and serve your communities is admirable.

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