Hugs are on the way to staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

Hugs are on the way to staff at Kootenay Lake Hospital. Photo: Bill Metcalfe

HUGS AND SLUGS: Some love for Canada Post, hospital employees

And a couple slugs for good measure

HUGS: To the City of Nelson for paving the walk around the soccer fields. This will make the path much more useable and easier to maintain.

HUGS: To the City for finally paving the waterfront pathway. Now it is truly a multi-access pathway allowing for wheelchairs, scooters, and other walking aids. This surface will permit plowing and sanding to ensure safe year round use. The old surface could not be sanded and plowed effectively and became dangerously slippery in winter.

HUGS: Last Thursday afternoon as I drove along the North Shore I spotted what I thought was a life size cut-out of Santa standing in a yard close to the road. Was I ever surprised when this live Santa raised his arm and gave me a friendly wave as I drove by. Merry Christmas to you Santa. You made me feel like a kid again!

SLUGS: Living on a corner lot means twice as much foot traffic, often with four-legged friends, and most people without fail are cleaning up after their pets. Today, however, tossed into clearly marked blue recycling can is a bright green bag of dog droppings. A whole can of carefully sorted recyclables would be garbaged because of contaminant. Let’s do better.

HUGS: To the Canada Post workers during the busiest time of the year. You are doing great, even though you are short-staffed and learning a new system. Rock on.

SLUGS: To the people who are not being nice to the Canada Post employees who are doing their best. Stop it.

SLUGS: To the local ski cat operation that fills our town with consistent helicopter noise pollution every Thursday and Sundays to drop off their clients at the lodge. While your clients are sitting in their quiet lodge in the mountains behind Nelson, do they know how much noise their commute left behind?

HUGS: To all my neighbours on Munro Street for helping me out while I am spending all my time at the hospital with a very sick hubby. I feel very blessed to have such kind and thoughtful neighbours.

HUGS: Huge hugs of gratitude for first responders, medical staff, ER docs, nurses, imaging techs at KLH; surgery team, orthopaedic specialists, nursing staff at KBRH and all the many hands and hearts who cared for me with such skill and compassion following a difficult injury recently. We are so blessed in this community to have such wonderful healthcare professionals. Let’s support them!

SLUGS: To the landowner in the Silver King Road area for treating Nelson and area homes to a multi-day toxic smoke show.