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HUGS AND SLUGS: Someone doesn’t like our crosswords

Also lots of hugs and slugs related to roads, because of course
One reader thinks our crossword could be a lot better. File photo

SLUGS: To the people who have bags of trash in the backs of their pickup trucks up at Whitewater. The ravens easily get into the bags and spread trash all over the place.

HUGS: To the YRB snow plow that cleaned Sunshine Drive on Boxing Day. Thanks for doing such a great job!

HUGS: To all the delivery people who worked hard to deliver the parcels and mail for the Christmas season.

SLUGS: To the city’s snow clearing. There was no snow plowing, clearing or even sanding for three days in Rosemont since Christmas. The bus route looks terrible for driving including the streets that have piles of snow in the middle of the road. Sidewalks are not safe for walking and downtown is a mess too.

SLUGS: To the City of Nelson on their priorities. Maybe instead of spending over $300,000 of reserve funds for food cyclers, the money should have been better spent on snow removal equipment and manpower. Public safety is more important.

HUGS: To the stranger at the next table who paid for our anniversary dinner at the Library Lounge.

HUGS: To the residents of Ridgewood Road for their awesome displays of holiday lights. This North Shore neighbourhood is becoming Nelson’s new Candy Cane Lane.

HUGS: To the staff at Beauties Pizza for gifting healthcare workers with free pizza. What a treat! We appreciate your thoughtfulness and kindness.

HUGS: To the team of drivers and support staff at Mountain Man Mike’s bus service. Thank you for getting my and many other people’s children and loved ones home safely for Christmas!

HUGS: To the group of young carollers who stopped by our house on Silica tonight. You warmed our hearts on the coldest night of the year .

SLUGS: To the houses that didn’t take time to clear the snow and ice from their sidewalk. My broken arm does not thank you!

HUGS: On Dec. 22 my vehicle blew its radiator hose. Luckily there was two firemen nearby who quickly pulled over to help. They offered to give me a ride to get help but didn’t have a back seat, so one of the firemen stayed behind on the side of the road (he was freezing cold I’m sure!) while the other drove me to get help. A huge hug and thank you to them!

SLUGS: To ignorant and surly road maintenance foremen who can’t address a simple complaint. Narrow residential right of ways are for utilities, driveways, sidewalks, trees and lawns. They’re not convenient snow dumps for operators who don’t know where to plow and damage property every year. Keep your equipment on the road!

SLUGS: To the Nelson Star. We implore you to bring back Barbara Olson’s crosswords. The current puzzle breaks are dreadful. The crossword uses made-up words, incorrectly spelled words and gobsmacking clues. We appreciate the elegance, cleverness and rational nature of Barbara’s clues. We would sincerely appreciate seeing her crosswords return to the Nelson Star each week. From a house of concerned 20 year olds. #BringBackBarbara

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