Check out this thicc boi. Photo: Pexels

Check out this thicc boi. Photo: Pexels

HUGS AND SLUGS: Someone egged a truck

Eggs are hard to clean, doesn’t everyone know this?

HUGS: To the two courteous firefighters who arrived at my door just minutes after I had inadvertently set off a false alarm. Their quick response was remarkable. The entire department should be appreciated and acknowledged as the valuable asset to our community that they are.

SLUGS: To the appallingly disrespectful dog owner who allowed their pet to defecate all over a memorial plaque attached to a tree on the Lakeside Park pathway. Sadness added to sorrow. I used the doggy bags to clean it up and so you should have, too.

SLUGS: To the person who hit my bike rack and my orange car parked across from Hume School. A hit and run!

SLUGS: To the neighbours that let their dog bark off and on all day long. We are angry and can’t enjoy our outside time. How can you stand it? It’s not the the dog’s fault, it’s yours. Have some respect for your neighbours.

SLUGS: Greasy, grimy slugs to whoever threw an egg at a new white pick-up truck on the 1300 block of Cedar Street around Aug. 21. The truck’s owner has been in hospital recently for a serious illness.

SLUGS: To the driver of the black pickup truck who yelled at me at Elwyn as I rode by on my recumbent trike on Third Street. Drivers should be aware of the new two-way stop signs throughout Fairview at Third.

HUGS: To all who this last week have taken their first COVID-19 vaccine shot. Thank you for finding within yourself whatever you needed to take that step. I’m deeply grateful.

HUGS: To the amazingly knowledgeable nursing staff in the KLH maternity ward. You made our stay an absolute dream!

SLUGS: To those who left garbage and food scraps down in Fletcher Falls Park. Practice good stewardship, be courteous, so we can all enjoy these beautiful places.

HUGS: To the Whitecaps youth soccer organization for running a fantastic summer camp program. The club promotes a culture of respect and encouragement, and gave my kids a positive and hopeful experience during a challenging time.

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