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HUGS AND SLUGS: Speeding through crosswalks, a helping hand on the street, and more

Mostly hugs, a couple of slugs

SLUGS: To the speeding car that almost hit an elderly woman at the credit union crosswalk, you were in the wrong. She was following other pedestrians and the walk crosswalk light was still indicated. You would have been responsible! Your horn blast saved her life, at least. Let this be a warning to you.

HUGS: To the first year of love! It’s has been a chaotic year for us all. Thank you for being the light at the end of every day.

HUGS: Big huge hugs to all the first responders. I felt safe when you arrived to find little old me pinned like a yoga pretzel under the SUV. Gratitude to the caring constable who cared for me and my little dogs needs and to our wonderful vets. Warm hugs to my neighbour who held my hand and supported my spirit and for also carrying out all my messages, I was so bossy. I appreciate each one of you and thank you for your kindness and attention.

HUGS: A big hug to the person who put my election sign back up at the mall turn-off. Thanks!

HUGS: To the many public health nurses who helped me after I had a really bad collision with my dining room door, which produced a wound that didn’t seem to heal fast enough. They are there, they are kind, and they continue to take good care of us all.

HUGS: To the skeleton cyclist and dog on Blewett Road. I always smile when I cycle past and see them there in seasonal appropriate clothing in all weather. Thanks for being there.

SLUGS: To the man dressed to look the part of a Nelsonite who was standing in front of a local Mexican restaurant talking loudly on his phone about how he “doesn’t want transgendered people reading to his kids.” Who are you and how did you decide to move to Nelson? You don’t share the values of this community! I don’t get it!

HUGS: To the two young ladies who stopped and came to our assistance when my husband had a mishap on Vernon Street. We were so grateful!