These flower beds at Lakeside Park don’t need extra watering. File photo

These flower beds at Lakeside Park don’t need extra watering. File photo

HUGS AND SLUGS: Stop peeing in Lakeside Park

Seriously sports people, use the washrooms

HUGS: To the stellar Kootenay Co-op Radio crew for putting on a Block Party for the whole community. Fun and gelato and music and bouncing was had. KCR you rock!

SLUGS: To the individual who entered our backyard and ring barked an ornamental tree, successfully killing it. Hugs to the police officer who came by and cared.

HUGS: Big hugs and a thank you to the ladies who provided sympathy and paper towels after I tripped and fell, resulting in a profusely bloody nose. And hugs to the staff at BC Liquor Store who provided first aid.

HUGS: Thanks to all the people who stopped to help my husband when he fell on Baker Street on May 12. Extra thanks to BCAA staff for the chair and first aid. Thank you all for your care and concern. It was much appreciated.

SLUGS: To whomever picks up cans and bottles along the highway and leaves them at our driveway and others. If you want to pick up garbage, pick it ALL up and dispose of it yourself. Otherwise you are just re-littering.

SLUGS: To the woman who is butchering the trees at Bonaventure Trailer Park and leaving us with no privacy. She hasn’t asked permission and now we have nothing in our yards.

SLUGS: To the sports dudes in Lakeside Park who leave their game to stroll across the public path to the nearest tiny tree, pull out their (not sporty) equipment and urinate. There is a public bathroom right across the field. Disgusting, entitled wankers in sports jerseys.