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HUGS AND SLUGS: Stop signs aren’t suggestions

And some hugs to a pair of people who returned lost items
Yes, you do have to stop at the stop sign. Photo: Robert F. Bukaty/AP

HUGS: To the person who found my keys the evening of Dec. 30 near Josephine Street and put them on top of my car! I didn’t realize I had dropped them until I couldn’t find them in my purse after dinner. Thank you! You saved the night!

HUGS: Huge hugs to all the people supporting minority groups and doing outreach. Love and generosity are the only truly impressive qualities in the world.

SLUGS: To the drivers in Nelson who pull up way past the stop signs into the intersections before coming to a stop, causing stress for other drivers and pedestrians. Slugs to the drivers who don’t stop at all or even look both ways before entering a main street, resulting in other drivers having to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision.

HUGS: To the kind man that not only dropped of my daughters wallet at the Nelson Police Department, but added an extra $20. Your generosity made her day.

HUGS: To call centre operators who have to constantly deal with road maintenance shortcomings. Thanks so much for your kindness and patience while addressing my complaint!

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