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Hugs and Slugs: Tennis, huckleberries and graffiti

It’s a slugs-dominated week
Hugs and Slugs! Black Press illustration

SLUGS: Slugs to Nelson gas prices, which have been seven to nine cents a litre higher that Trail for most of the summer.

HUGS: To the woman who returned my lost wallet before I even knew it was missing. I neglected to get your name or thank you properly.

HUGS: Big fat hugs to my neighbours for accepting my apology. My drunken juvenile behaviour gets the best of me at times. Obi loves you!

SLUGS: To the three guys with two dogs at Kokanee Lake trail. The park is clearly marked to have “no dogs” for the protection of the bears and fauna, and your comments that someone may worry about a marmot being chased showed your ignorance. I hope the ranger fined you as is posted.

SLUGS: To the locks still on the Lakeside tennis courts and washrooms well after 10 a.m. on a perfect Saturday. The sign says open 7:30 a.m.

HUGS: To the many disappointed tennis buffs for not attempting to climb the 15-foot fence around the still-locked courts well after 10 a.m. on a perfect Saturday in August.

SLUGS: To the idiots throwing away used face masks in the middle of the sidewalks. This is an abomination! Do you have such little regard for littering? Can you not throw it into your own garbage? I’m ashamed for you.

SLUGS: To greedy humans who pick huckleberries. They’re not meant for you. Leave them for the bears!

SLUGS: To the party group who stayed overnight at Troup and played their loud music until 6 a.m. Sound travels on the water and we on the North Shore did not appreciate your noise all night long.

SLUGS: To whomever has spray painted BLM all over town. This is an important message; however, illegally spray painting it all over town cheapens the message and causes negative attitudes towards the movement as a whole. Do better for our cause!