Who steals someone’s laundry? File photo

Who steals someone’s laundry? File photo

HUGS AND SLUGS: The laundry roach of Nelson

Maybe used underwear is just your thing?

HUGS: The Valhalla Apartments are having extensive renovations. I want to give a big hug and a huge thank you to all the workers of North Mountain Construction. They are friendly, efficient, helpful, and all-round great workers.

SLUGS: To the parents who are not raising kind humans. Maybe you should also give your kids more hugs so they don’t feel the need to lash out at others. Do better.

SLUGS: To the roach who stole my family’s clothing out of the laundromat’s lost and found. I forgot to unload and went back to get it out of the bin and all of it had been taken.

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