Hugs and slugs tie this week

Positive and negative feedback finished neck and neck this week.

SLUGS: I want to send many slugs to whoever has control over the gas prices in and around the Nelson area. Three weeks ago in Kelowna, we paid 127.9 a litre. Last week in Castlegar, prices were 126.9 a litre, Trail was 127.9 and Nelson showed 133.9.  Why are Nelson and area prices remaining so much higher for so much longer? — Disgruntled

HUGS: Big hearty hugs to the gentleman who paid for my groceries when my car payment was taken out two weeks late and left me short of funds. This was not just a small amount for bread and milk. How wonderful for all of us to know people like this wander our world. You asked me to pay it forward and I am looking forward with a sense of joy to doing as you asked. Thanks again.

HUGS: To all the people that whine about cigarettes and their collateral damage to second hand smoke. Health is important and I applaud you.

SLUGS: To all the people that whine about e-cigarettes. Vaporized smoke disappears in seconds and is more or less odourless. Appreciate the fact that someone has quit smoking and moving on. Turn your head if you don’t like it. It won’t effect you either way.

SLUGS: To whoever was responsible for the parking situation at the recreation centre. The parking lot is full yet there isn’t a full house at the hockey game. Time to put a electronic pay for parking dispenser so the people who actually use the rec centre can park there.

SLUGS: To the “Halloweiner” who put a dead Canada Goose carcass in my yard for my dog. You are a rude ghoul whose mother and father did not teach you manners. Canada geese are protected species.

HUGS: To the homeowners who were overwhelmed with trick-or-treaters yet went out of their way to greet each and every one with such enthusiasm.

SLUGS: To greedy property owners who aren’t supporting small business and instead squeeze them out…Looks like I will be getting my hair cut and coffee elsewhere.

HUGS: To the Ymir man who drove my mom home from Kelowna after a Castlegar flight cancellation. That’s Kootenay spirit!

SLUGS: To all the people who locked their doors, turned out their lights and hid in their homes on Halloween night. You should be ashamed. Don’t you remember being a kid and enjoying trick or treating? Did people hide away when you were young? I don’t think so. Get into the spirit of things! Who knows? You might have some fun.

HUGS: To my ponytail wearing, non-profit running friend. Thank you for reminding me to embrace my socialism.

HUGS: Big hugs to the parents who made sure their children were visible while out trick or treating. A light, glow stick, and/or reflective clothing goes a long way.


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