Make sure you are watching for traffic as you get off a bus. File photo

Make sure you are watching for traffic as you get off a bus. File photo

HUGS AND SLUGS: Watch your step getting off the bus

A close call for a commuter is among this week’s slugs

HUGS: To the local stone workers who did such an excellent job repairing some of the granite steps of our historic and still vibrant church.

SLUGS: To whoever stole my late husband’s oil derrick from our front yard. It had been created by his brother for a float in a parade and wired to become a unique yard light representing our Alberta heritage. Such a selfish violation of our sense of security and comfort as we grieve his recent sudden death.

SLUGS: To me. Last week after getting off the bus on the highway, I carelessly failed to wait for the driver to pull far enough away to have a clear view of oncoming traffic. Thinking the road was clear, I ran across the highway and came perilously close to being hit by a truck that was in a blind spot behind the bus. I terrified myself, the other drivers on the road, and likely the passengers on the bus. I’m so sorry for my recklessness, and I promise to be much more cautious in the future.

SLUGS: To those electrical power companies that leave their scrap pieces along the ditches after they have completed a job. Take your stuff with you. These pieces could be dangerous to wildlife.

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