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HUGS AND SLUGS: We already miss you, DQ

Also, slugs to debatable parks planning

SLUGS: To the city planning department on the poor choice of locations for the two new bike racks at Lakeside. Next time consult with the parks department.

HUGS: To the garden fairies who take care of Gyro Park. What a magical garden full of colour, growth and hidden paths. Thank you for this year’s flower show!

HUGS: A big hug to the person who found my phone in the Wholesale Club parking lot on Friday. Thank you very much!

HUGS: A huge Nelson hug to our beloved Dairy Queen owners and staff. From a season of excited, dancing children to the seniors with mobility challenges, thousands have been royally gifted with their own special treat. On the last day of their year, hundreds are flocking to get one last lick! Congratulations on another year making so many folks happy!

HUGS: To a local, long-established animal rescue for its all-encompassing concern and care for short-changed canines, felines and other wondrous animals. Most of all, additional hugs, gratitude and appreciation to the dedicated team for the senior feline enriching my senior life. Four paws are much more than small miracles.

SLUGS: To businesses claiming to serve the needs of the deaf. The lack of courtesy is disturbing, and unacceptable to anyone, especially when directed at the hearing disabled. Imagine how the inability to listen to those who cannot hear creates extreme frustration! Improved skills in the art of listening to the hearing impaired would be a major asset. Please listen up!

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