Hugs beat up slugs

There were plenty of positive comments in Nelson this week.

HUGS: To Mom and Dad for being such wonderful parents and for working so hard all these years to give us such amazing lives. You inspire us. — Love the kids

HUGS: To the local law firm and their entire staff. The job they do is exceptional but their concern and care for us was way above what we expected.

SLUGS: To those that use the Woodland Heights and Taghum Frontage Road banks to dump garden refuse – ignoring the signs warning of fines. The transfer station is just minutes away and will take all of this refuse and compost it – all you need to do is be considerate, prepared to make the effort, and be cognisant of your neighbours feelings and take your refuse to the location designed to deal with it.

HUGS: To the guy with the silver truck at Kokanee Park boat launch for giving us a boost when our car wouldn’t start on the Friday before Thanksgiving. You made our vacation day. Very grateful for your help. You rock!

SLUGS: To all drivers who speed on Granite Road. Our last slug was aimed at the driver who hit the dog (who has since died) on October 3. Last night our neighbour’s cat got struck and killed in the same spot! Slow down! If you want to go 90 km/h, take the highway.

SLUGS: To to the person who left a note on my car saying that I should not be leaving my dog in the car. We just moved here and he feels insecure and lonely at our new place. He howls when I leave him alone which might cause problems with neighbors or my landlord/friend who was kind enough to give us a shelter in this dog unfriendly town. Please, mind your own business.

HUGS: A huge hug you to all my neighbours, first responders/ambulance, and KLH Emergency doctor and nursing staff, who helped me after my bike crash two weeks ago. Also, thanks to everyone at my work for your continued support during the recovery process. You guys are great. Hope to see you soon.

SLUGS: A great big slugs to whoever was responsible for the dog that was running loose in Rosemont Wednesday morning. He or she was barking loud enough to wake us up at 4 a.m. Please keep your dog safely indoors at night.

HUGS: Super big hugs to all the folks who remove various forms of debris from our roads. Whether it is car parts, rocks, trees, dead animals, or any other potentially dangerous item, you are keeping others safe by helping to prevent accidents. We really appreciate you taking those few extra moments to clear that hazard off the pavement.

HUGS: To the young woman with the gentle smile and bowl of the most delicious garden tomatoes who knocked on our door looking for sunflowers. It reminded us all of the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

HUGS: To the residents of Nelson, especially to the seniors and disabled. My time caring for you has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. My departure is bitter sweet.

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