Hugs outnumber slugs, 7-1

Our weekly offering of hugs and slugs comes down heavily weighted on the hug side.

HUGS. To City staff for their quick response to the error on the seniors parking pass for 2013! The one-year pass is available beginning March 1 of each year. I purchased my pass the last week in February. Then noticed the expiration date was December 3, 2013 (not February 28, 2014, as it should have been). This meant it was good for only 10 months (not 12 months) and there was NO reduction in price! Needless to say, I phoned the City! A few days later, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a very nice letter apologizing for any misunderstanding or inconvenience and enclosing a replacement pass. Thank you! P.S. Replacements have also been mailed out to other pass-holders.

HUGS. To the couple at the dogwalk March 3 who were cleaning up after all the dogs, using only a plastic grocery bag, saying they want to be “part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.” Thank you — you are an inspiration and your efforts are very much appreciated!

HUGS. To the Nelson community for supporting our ongoing fund raising efforts toward a new playground at Hume Elementary School.

HUGS. To the Whitewater Summit Chair operator who, like nothing was amiss, scanned my season’s pass whilst I lay on the ground after falling over in the lift corral. You’re the best.  🙂 – Telespaz

HUGS. To our jeweler for giving me a “loaner” ring for my trip while I figure out mine!

HUGS. To the lady in the ER waiting room a couple of weeks ago who offered me Kleenex. Your kindness was appreciated!

SLUGS. To the person who called the children “little brats” in their hugs and slugs comment. What century do you come from?

HUGS. To Grandma for watching the kids.