Hugs, slugs finish tied this week

Hugs, slugs finish tied this week

There seems to be an equal amount of positive and negative thoughts this week.

HUGS: To the friendly and downright awesome local accountant that helped this Aussie kid get out of a tax jam with some free advise. Thanks for your time mate! Cheers!

SLUGS: To the business owner who towed my car within minutes of me parking in the lot. I nipped to the bank before lunch and on my way back to the restaurant I witnessed my car getting towed. I was a loyal customer but no longer will I support you.

HUGS: To the teenage boys at the skateboard park. The example you set for the younger boys was so nice. Not hearing the F-word was so nice. Keep up great example.

SLUGS: To those who complain about their neighbors participating in Trash 2 Treasure. If its orderly and in their yard. Keep your snobbery to yourself. Not everyone wants to see the landfills stuffed with usable items. Some of us have children we want to pass on a usable planet too.

HUGS: Heartfelt hugs to all the wonderful people who work in healthcare. Your caring and extra dedication are healing bodies and souls!

HUGS: To the crew that has been rebuilding the sidewalk in the Latimer Street area. You went out of your way to accommodate our needs and it was very appreciated.  You were so helpful and friendly throughout.

SLUGS: Great big slugs to the people who took away the playground in the park. I did love playing there but someone has taken and moved all the gym equipment and placed it somewhere else.

SLUGS: To the young woman who beat me in a race to the gas pumps on Sunday.  You called me a “bearded lady” and body checked me aside. I sincerely hope you learn to love and respect yourself and your body, as it is, by the time you reach menopause and grow your own beard.

HUGS: To all the older women who thank me for having the courage to show my woman-beard.  May we all celebrate our unique beauty.

SLUGS: To the older man who played golf at an area golf course on Sunday. How dare you yell the dirtiest foul language to the men who were in front of you because they were too slow. Just ask to pass them. You called yourself “a professional”. It was just a fun day of golf for all volunteers and professional men and women.  You shouldn’t be allowed to play golf again.

HUGS: To the person that returned my husband’s wallet in Beasley.  A big thank you.

SLUGS: To the irresponsible dog owners who allow their dogs to sit outside and bark at all hours.  What was once a quiet neighbourhood now sounds like the pound. Have some respect for those around you.

If you have a Hug or a Slug… we’d like to hear it. Simply email us at with your short quips, compliments or complaints. Keep it tasteful and anonymous — no names of individuals or businesses, please. You can also drop by a written submission to our offices at 514 Hall Street.